Trance Copper Sphere

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A gold pen, a solid watch, Italian leather shoes.  You surround yourself with things that make your environment more beautiful, more connected, more you. The trance sphere is a striking, solid piece of brilliant copper - handcrafted precision.  

Take a look at your desk.  What's on it?  What does it say about you?

What’s so special about copper?

  • It’s Oligodynamic, which means it naturally kills germs on contact. 
  • We each have about 2mg of copper in our body, without which we could not survive.
  • It’s dense - between lead and steel in density 
  • Along with gold, the only non-greyish pure metal 
  • Takes on its own unique hue over time and can be “reset” to brilliancy with baking soda and water (or salt and vinegar).


High Polish Finish

  • 1 Kilo: 5.98cm diameter, 1kg (2.2 lb)
  • 1 pound: 4.60cm diameter, 454g (1 lb)
  • MEGA: 8.00cm diameter, 2.4kg (5.2 lb)