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Trance KILO Tungsten Cubes - Trance Metals
Trance KILO Tungsten Cubes - Trance Metals
Trance KILO Tungsten Cubes - Trance Metals
Trance KILO Tungsten Cubes - Trance Metals
Trance KILO Tungsten Cubes - Trance Metals
Trance KILO Tungsten Cubes - Trance Metals
Trance KILO Tungsten Cubes - Trance Metals
Trance KILO Tungsten Cubes - Trance Metals
Trance KILO Tungsten Cubes - Trance Metals

Trance KILO Tungsten Cubes

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Welcome to the ultimate heavy metal

"The weight was a complete surprise. You weren't kidding about how dense it is."
- Nick M.
"Thanks for a terrific Kickstarter idea. I'm giving this to to the foundation of my family - My wife. Symbolic gift for a solid marriage :)"
- Runar P.

It's time to claim elemental superiority with the KILO cube: a solid KILOGRAM cube of 99.95% pure aerospace-grade Tungsten.  

Here is a conversation I have almost daily at my desk:

Passer-by notices cube: "What is that, it looks cool/awesome!"
Me: "It's a solid tungsten cube"
Passer-by tries to pick it up: "What the #$%# why is it so @#$@ heavy!!???"

 Why do I need the KILO cube?

  • You are a metal junkie and need a centerpiece for your collection - pretty much the densest thing you can own in this size.
  • You are an educator and you want to shock your students with the density of Tungsten, creating a memorable experience.
  • You want to have the coolest thing in the office - the ultimate conversation starter. Just watch what happens when someone tries and fails to pick it up from your desk on the first try!
  • You want the ultimate "structure" item to focus on for creative unleashing or meditation

Why Tungsten?

  • 70% denser than lead
  • Denser than Uranium
  • Nearly impossible to melt
  • 4x harder than Titanium
  • 19x denser than water
  • The KILO cube is 99.95% pure tungsten, the purest available anywhere with unmatched density.
Tungsten has the highest melting point of any element.  In fact, you can't easily build a container to melt it.  You have to resort to expensive powder compression methods to form it.  The manufacturing process is truly amazing.  A pressure of 60 tons per square inch is used to create the cube in a giant steel press.
Tungsten is an extremely rare element (only 100 parts per billion in the earth's crust).

What people are saying about the KILO:

"This tungsten cube is a great example of what we call a "structure" in the coaching profession -- something that reminds us to bring focus and attention to positive changes we are seeking to make. Be a positive deviant and get in on this cool Kickstarter." - Margaret Greenberg, Author of Profit From the Positive, McGraw-Hill Professional 

"...There has been quite a bit of discussion around the choice of an appropriate centering object to present to the participants. I think this might satisfy most, if not all of the concerns of the group..." - Madeline T.

"...I'm pretty stoked about adding the Forged cube to my desk candy! ..." - Kyle H.

"Thanks for putting this project together -- I was one of the earlier backers and made a pledge immediately when I saw it.  Didn't know this disease had a name -- "metal junkie" :) ..." - Tom D.

We raised over $487,000 on Kickstarter to bring the cube to life!

If you want to shock yourself and others with pure density, click Buy Now above to grab a KILO cube before they run out!


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    This cube is so cool! Perfectly machined, smooth and sharp, heavy to hold, hard to put down and pulls your pants down when you walk around with it in your pocket... 👍😁

    Awesome Tungsten cube!

    Was very impressed with this cube, including how it came packaged in such an attractive box in which to store it when not showing it to others.

    Lifting Thor's hammer

    It was fun to receive my package from Trans Metals. The tungsten cube was exactly as represented, measuring 1.5 inches on a side, and weighing one kilogram, or a bit over two pounds, three ounces. With a density of 19.25, tungsten weighs the same as the same volume of gold, and feels unusually heavy for such a small cube of metal. Lead and silver seem very light weight by comparison. The price may seem expensive to the non-collector, but tungsten is notoriously difficult to work, with an insanely high melting point of 3,400 C. Tungsten carbide drill bits are the toughest in the world.

    The tungsten cube comes elegantly packaged and presented in a nice box with slip cover, though I choose to keep the naked silver grey cube on my desktop with the provided stand that holds it up at an angle. It’s fun to invite people to pick it up, and watch their reaction. It’s almost like lifting Thor’s hammer. The shipping took only two days.