Trance Copper Sphere - new matte

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A new matte process developed in the USA! We're moving more of our Trance production to the United States and this matte sphere is our latest creation. We love this new look - it looks like a crystalline copper ball from a distance.

It will generally tarnish more quickly than the polished sphere, but has a greater surface area for better Oligodynamic effect. It's easy to reset to brilliancy with vinegar or polishing compounds. 

$502,998 raised on Kickstarter!

A gold pen, a solid watch, Italian leather shoes.  You surround yourself with things that make your environment more beautiful, more connected, more you. The trance sphere is a striking, solid piece of brilliant copper - handcrafted precision.  

Take a look at your desk.  What's on it?  What does it say about you?

What’s so special about copper?

  • It’s Oligodynamic, which means it naturally kills germs on contact. 
  • We each have about 2mg of copper in our body, without which we could not survive.
  • It’s dense - between lead and steel in density 
  • Along with gold, the only non-greyish pure metal 
  • Takes on its own unique hue over time and can be “reset” to brilliancy with baking soda and water (or salt and vinegar).


  • 1 Kilo: 5.98cm diameter, 1kg (2.2 lb)
  • 1 pound: 4.60cm diameter, 454g (1 lb)
  • MEGA: 8.00cm diameter, 2.4kg (5.2 lb)